Nice Commercials!

♣ Welcome back friends from the US, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, the UK, Pakistan, China, and all!

It is a sweet surprise to see this TV commercial. It is elegant, brief , and to the point. You must have been talking about the Air France TV commercial presented in 2022 but it is lately edited to be very short and much more effective. Take a look at the one minute long version:

SophieAir-France AdWhen something is done well, it succeeds and it could always be improved no doubt about it.

Unsimilar to some TV talk commercials such as the Oscar and the nominated movies. Why would someone say that it was a nice movie while it was not, not at all.

It was a confusing bizzare mostly. The funny thing was that when one of its actors asked about if she understood the movie or not, she was hesitant to say yes, but then she came up with an answer that she didn’t understand it at the beginning and during the movie but at last she thought that it was about love.

Can you imagine that? An actress who acted in the nominated movie did not really understand that line of queer thinking. Why then was nominated for any award? Nobody knows.

What should you watch this weekend?

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Until we chat again, always be here for your real  inspiration everyday, with our hugs, & kisses


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