Instantaneous communication makes your life faster, it’s your good judgement that would moderate your tempo to keep your sharp fitness! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from everywhere; especially the US, Germany, India, Romania, and Ukraine 😉

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Why would you pay in one pair of sunglasses $400,000.00? It’s a good question that was asked by Tonja yesterday while our team was having lunch together.

The answers were plenty:

Related image. you can afford it.
. you want to show off your wealth.
. may be an investment having diamonds in them.
. you have some expensive taste.
. you like a certain make.
. you‘re brainwashed by that business.
. you’re crazy for odd sunglasses n have the money.

Do you have another answer for that question? If yes, pls share it with all of us. 🙂

Pure Silk

Until we talk again about another fashionable trends, stay tuned with our topics, and with our hugs and kisses

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