Being There!

Gather your every element of your success and instantly invest! 😉 Our thanks go to friends from the US, India, Brazil, Romania, and Canada 😉

You’re healthy only when you feel good. When you’re not tired or panting when climbing the stairs or riding your bike, you’re fit. Other than that, you need to re-evaluate where you are when it comes to health.

Everyday, you need your fitness. Why do you keep postponing it? It’s simpler than getting procrastinated by any other excuse you may create to sabotage your correct thoughts of starting it.

I can’t believe that April 2018 is about to start! But it’s a fact: the fourth month of your new year will be starting in a 24 hours. What have you done so far in your 2018? Does it feel as if you did nothing? May be.

All right, if this is the case, just take a few moments and sit with yourself, having a pen and paper, and jot down anything that you think it’s something important that you did so far. You’ll be surprised of how many things you actually did successfully.SophieOriginalShot.jpg

Yesterday I attended an interesting CPI workshop for teachers and educators. It addressed nonviolent crisis intervention in schools. Basically it told us what to do and how to handle some risk situation in our classrooms. It began at 8:00 am and finished by 5:00 pm having a lunch break, where we ran outside the building to buy our lunch for 45 min then back again to that nice conference room, which overlooked a small pond. The weather was fantastic and birds were paddling enjoying the water. You could see it in their eyes. 😆SophieOriginalShot2.jpg

Each participant was given a workbook, where we had a pretest for one page of questions, and a post-test after the day lecture was done. Our instructor mentioned that it was an intensive class almost 16 hours of info were poured into 7 hrs length, in addition to some interactive and role-play exercises which were enjoyed for its simple practice.

The values and the philosophy behind the nonviolent crisis intervention were: care, welfare, safety, and security, which were explained and discussed thoroughly. Some techniques were not applicable to our schools, since each attendant came from a different type of school.

O+ Stick - Oxygen Plus

By the end of the day, we greeted each other with a smile, acknowledging the meeting and the interaction we had with each other, saying goodbye, thinking probably we would meet again. In a way, there was that kind of bond that circled all participants (only 11 people) all together, but they had something special in common: being there at that time.

Until we chat again, send us your comments, keep engaged with our topics, you’d be surprised how it could inspire you with unique ideas, and with our hugs and kisses ❤ 

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