You’d be surprised where this come from, but don’t be 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, Australia, Ukraine, Brazil, Serbia, Canada, Malta, Pakistan, and Palestinian Territories 😉

It’s not easy to do all what you want to do. It’s a fact!

Qatar Airways

Her father and mother doted on her and may be that is why she was so sure of herself, acting as a leader. She had no fear to volunteer in classes for any demo her teachers wanted. She was helpful and assisting all her class-mates, treating everyone of them as equally important to her.

Nevertheless what she wanted the most was to have a journey of her own. She heard many people talking about other countries around the world. She watched movies that took her across the seas, feeling the breeze of a beach she had never been to. She listened to stories over the radios that narrated mystery stories about people of different origins with variety of tongues.

All that and more made her curious. She wanted to see what she heard about and to touch what she saw on her TV. Every single day she wanted to grow up fast to be able to do all those things that she couldn’t do being a child. 

That was her dream: traveling the world. Was she able to do that? If she was where did she go? How did she do that? Who helped her? Was she happy to do that? Was her dream fun to realize or was is disappointing? 

Are you curious to know more?

Until we talk again, travel to our best destination ever, to our topics, you’ll get to your dream with our hugs and kisses

[Cont. soon]

. While Travel.

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