Let’s Talk Money!

Updated and refreshed on 6/19/2018 Appreciating your comments 🙂


Time changes you without your consent; some feelings you lost never will come back. 😉 Dear current and new readers and friends from everywhere, and especially from the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Romania, Canada, Netherlands, & Mexico  😉

Hey, where are you now my 1Zumba friend? Us, Here, it’s raining! Outside, it’s getting colder and chillier, and inside, with us, it’s getting warmer, and cozier! Wherever you are, just grab your tea, coffee, water, or whatever , and let’s chat 😉

My colleague, Janet,  told me that there was an argument  the other day about “1Zumba Sex” blog we had two days ago. Few educators are still too conservative, or so they say, to the extent that they prefer not to have the word “Sex” in an article title. OMG, that was a complete surprise, coz the title wasn’t even about any sex, it was about gender. In…

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