Cigarettes’ Theory!

A new day and a new hope! 😉 Dearest friends everywhere: the US, Australia, Algeria, Canada, Norway, the UK, Bangladesh, Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia, Croatia, Poland, India, Costa Rica, and all, welcome back to your pages. So glad to see you all! 😉

Life is funny!

I found my neighbor sitting in front of her home smoking a cigarette. It made me curious thinking how come that that old lady who is in her eighties or nineties taking a risk of getting that plagued virus.

Approaching and saying hello after few words of chatting, I asked her about smoking. To my surprise, she said that she’s doing it as a protection and that she was not a smoker. She only noticed that some of her friends who smoke one cigarette every few days were saved of getting that virus.QuestionableSmoking

I wonder if this is at all true, but she believed in that and shes doing it. Amazing, right?

Americans are smoking more during the coronavirus pandemic because they are spending less on travel and entertainment and have more opportunities to light up. They are also switching back to traditional cigarettes from vaping devices in the wake of federal……..more

It was definitely a new theory about smoking cigarettes 🙂

The other thing related to that deadly virus is about metals and how it was thought that metals are safe from being a tool that transmits any virus, and that is why it is used in hospitals equipment.

It seems that science is telling you something else:

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed plastic is the surface the virus remains viable on for the longest – up to 72 hours. On stainless steel the virus was detected up to 48 hours after application. For cardboard it was 24 hours and for copper just four hours.

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Until we chat again, keep an eye on everything, everywhere you go no exception. Just be safe and strong with our hugs and kisses

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