New Feminization Era 4 Movies!

Friends from the US, the UK, Finland, Uganda, Croatia, Philippines, Germany, India, Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden, Vietnam, n Belgium , thank you for being with us today 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, for a moment, I thought, I’m done with everything I wanted to tell you, but while I was having a walk, I found that I was still talking to you, telling you more. I’ve felt certain that there is way more than I thought. 😀

MothersImage result for sad mother who sent me tears and cries, I’m sorry for what you went through, but this is life. There is no guarantee that the kids who you’ve raised up, would be loyal or grateful. Maturity would make them sober soon, and, before it is too late, they might correct their faults, although sometimes the scars are so deep, it cannot easily be made disappear.

1Zumba friend, (Middle-class Guy) I’m sorry that you no longer hear the word “Thank You” from your kids. I’m sorry that in our culture we teach our kids to say “thank you” for strangers, but not for members of our family. It should be the opposite, it doesn’t make sense to say “thank you” for a stranger, while not to say it for your own mom, dad, sister, or brother.

It’s rude not to acknowledge your gratitude to your siblings or your parents! :mrgreen:

What else I want to tell you? Oh! Our competition no. 89:


Oh! The other thing that came to me while watching a dvd, was that there will be a new trend movie production, it actually has started already, but may be not everyone is Image result for a woman charlie chaplinaware of it yet. 

The new trend would be to femininize all old movies, in which the hero was basically a male. In this way  millions of movies will be re-born very fast, to fill in the gap of entertainment endless demand.

The era would be called “The Feminization Era of Movies”; it can start by “Charlie Chaplin”, or “Ali-Baba”; did it really matter? Yes, it’s gonna be like a revolution in the movies industry. It would prevail for few years.

I guess we will talk more, but for now, we’ll say “Good Bye”. We’ll see you soon with a new interesting topic. Love you all. Kisses & hugs

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