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Let’s say that only two days ago we wrote about guns, and the importance of having good supervision when you have kids and keeping a handgun at your home.

Today we heard about the Kentucky kid who shot other kids at school, I’m not sure why is it such a hard issue to take care of your gun, or not to have it at all if you had easy access to it?!

Sorry for the souls that were wasted and that will be wasted until some parents wake up or stop being busy away from their kids, while leaving their weapons accessible to them to play with, even at school.

The other issue about kids and from what my colleagues and I noticed recently happening in schools, is profanity novels.

SophieNOThe fact that there are novels for high school students to be studied and discussed containing foul language while we ask them not to use inappropriate language, is bizarre. How could that happen? 🙄

You cannot ask the students to stop their bad language, and in the meantime teaching them novels full of f…. sh….etc.. It’s nonsense!

Do not ignore a student’s profanity. Failing to respond may convey to your students that swearing is acceptable. Confronting the use of profanity also is important because some students swear so often they might not realize that their language was inappropriate.

Teachers, teachers, teachers! Pls this is so serious and the students show us plenty of (unfortunately) terrible examples, asking: “why shouldn’t we say the same, if it is written in our books?”

Many scholars and scientists appreciate a clean novel that has acceptable language, unless there is one character who is built as such for some reason, but it doesn’t make any sense to have all the characters swearing and cussing. In real life we meet people who use bad language but they are not the norm, and they are few.

Of course there are novels that use and promote foul language, profanity and nudity, but when a teacher select a novel for students, common-sense should be present.

If you do not want your students to use inappropriate language, you cannot encourage them  to read  a book which is full of the opposite!

There are some people who are convinced that foul language could be helpful as a vent for your anxiety or your frustration, which could be right, but there is plenty of other methods that you can use to vent out your disappointments, not necessarily including swearing. When you are a model for your kids or your students, you need to be selective in your language. Your students would seem to be not paying attention to what you are doing, but they are.

This is what we feel it is right to do; if you don’t agree, it’s your right, but better not to experiment with your students, because their parents can sue you.

Hey! Keep exploring our special topics! Until we see you again, here’s our hugs and kisses

. How to deal with profanity in class.




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