Your Nails!

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Do you agree that nails are important? Yes, of course they are.  Your nails are extremely critical piece of your body. Not only they protect your fingertips and Image result for nailstoes-tips but also they convey a message about your health, in case of any specific ailment that you get along the way.

Good nails salons start charging more, but bad ones have no customers and they ran out of business, but this is not what we’re discussing today.

Today, our concern is your health, and how to read what your nails are telling you. It is simple, but you need to watch the color of your nails and their texture for any apparent changes. 

If you use manicure or pedicure, give your nails a rest from time to time. You should not continuously apply nail polish without any given rest to your nails- hands or toes.

This is the most required care you need to give to your nails. They are like any other part in your body, they need rest. Thus you need to provide all the possible care and tenderness when you deal with your fingers, not only in keeping them neatly polished and colored, but also in keeping them healthy.

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Fingernails are one of the “less paid attention to” parts of your body until you spot a magnificent nail paint in the market and finally focus on making them look pretty. However, you often tend to forget a crucial fact that a nail’s look and condition can never be equated with the beautiful layer of colors they get covered with. 

At some point or another, you probably see weird changes happening to your nails which usually go ignored. According to dermatologists across the globe, your nails have their own way of depicting things about your health and giving signals of warnings.

sophiefingerstoes1Pay attention to these warnings:
. Yellow Nails: According to dermatologists, could be a sign of diabetes which can be cured in time with proper guidance and insulin. Other researches also state that it can  be a sign of respiratory diseases.
. Clubbing: An acute condition when the fingernails become enlarged and curved downwards, which might reflect a warning of heart and kidney ailments along and AIDS.
. Spoon Nails: Concave shaped and scooped away from the fingers could be a sign of  hypothyroidism, anemia, heart disease or excessive iron in the body. 
. Lifting Nails: When the fingernails are noticed separating from their nail beds.  This usually indicates a thyroid disorder. 
. Brittle Nails: Excessive use of nail polish removers might cause this, but also it could be due to deficiency of Vitamin A, C or B Vitamin Biotin.SeaBear Smokehouse

Healthy nails without manicure are a true reflection of a good healthy body. Now it is your turn to take action to guarantee that you get all the benefits of having a well-cared for nails, with all their good indication of having excellent fitness.

Until you chat with us again, stay with our topics and get your ignition with our hugs and kisses

. Nails’ Importance.


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