Your Nails²!

It is always great to see you again! 😉

Are you still waiting for “Gucci” post? Soon, along with a number of very interesting topics.

Of course, you might know how painful it is to have a hangnail in your finger. What’s that? Even if you used a nail clipper or scissors, it still can hurt a lot and you will need to wait until it gorws up more in order to be able to cut it enough to go away. But here’s an advice:nail

Before any further talk, it is nice to know the parts of your nail, and instead of teaching your child only the word “nails“, you might want to add further words. It doesn’t have to be anatomy terminology which might be difficult even for adults to remember. It doesn’t have to be all on the same day. One word a day would be great effort.Nailpro

It feels nice to know more about your body, right? In your complex life, you need to know more and to pass it to your kids and family.

Until we chat again, kindly suggest or comment, with out hugs and kisses ❤ 

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