You have the burden of living in a world full of secrets! 😉

“Gucci” or “The House of Gucci” is a big name in the world of fashion but also, if you think about it, its resonance is appealing to many people who are not in the fashion business. Sometimes the sound of the name has its own effect on people and Gucci is one of these cases.

IMG_1585The movie all in all is good and Lady Gaga’s name made it more attractive for people to watch. Although she is not an actress but she played her role beautifully to an extent that you’d feel dislike to her doings. Her real strong persona could be felt throughout the movie for some reason.

The movie is somehow affected by “The American Hustle”, you can see that they borrow a lot of the same background music from that movie such as “I have your number” song and even the  bad lawyer was one of its actors.

IMG_1584The background music was louder than normal in some parts and it in general was heterogeneous where you hear it borrowing few classical musical notes adding it d songs etc. It could have been better. It is an irony where Lady Gaga must have been busy with the acting at the expense of the music parts.

Lastly, it is an adult movie and well put together kind of movie, entertaining, and could be better next time.

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