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Not only Musslems, but also Christians, Jews, and other creeds. People who believe in the Creator are detained, imprisoned, tortured, and killed, and nobody in China is able to stand up for all these wasted souls. Where is the media from all of that? Or Media only run after lies!

Can you say something about it? Students started talking about it, can you help these poor people by at least verbally opposing to what’s going on for people like you, who did nothing wrong, except believe in a faith!

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Image result for Chinese Christians  are murdered

Image result for CHINESE are imprisoned and tortured

Image result for China jews  detained

Image result for China Muslims  detainedMary and Bill took an action: yesterday they checked on each item they bought from Target , making sure that it was not made in China. It’s true that they are only two  people, but it would extend further, it usually takes one to step up for brutality for the rest to follow.

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