Media Lies!

Media, lies are poison for the mind, pls stop doing that! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, France, Syria, the UK, Greece, India, and Germany 😉

The media exaggerate the news to an awful extent. People are tortured, divided,  and have doubts about everything being said by the media.

Can the media give the people the courtesy of enjoying their holidays? Can the media stop for the last few days of the year over-stating the downside in leaders?


Qatar Airways

It’s such a lot of bias which takes you and others to a higher degree of dislike, while you should be having good time and relaxed mind to start your new year peacefully.SophieStopMediaAre you asking for a lot when you want some peace of mind? Are you asking for a lot when you want this madness and perplexity to stop for a little bit? 

The game of power is endless, but you want peace. You deserve having peace to enjoy the remaining days of this year without listening to any horrible news about this or that.
GeekstoreIt’s good to have our kids back home to enjoy the company of their families instead of being killed in a war that is not  even ours, what’s wrong with that?

It’s good not to spend more money on wars with other countries, and instead to spend it on our housing (for the endless number of homeless people), or manufacturing instead of depending on other countries on everything we consume, what’s wrong with that?

Those who keep singing for war with others are nothing but bad omen, they must be benefiting from having war, but you are smart for you want peace.

Movies are no longer taking you anywhere since your busy mind keep playing all the scenarios that you listen to over the radio or the TV. It’s tiring and boring. May be you shut down these terrible sources of annoyance for a change, until they are capable of handling things maturely.

Until we chat again, you are smart and you’ll enjoy your holidays living your world, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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