You wouldn’t be seen from the sky, but your Earth tools will be following you everywhere! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, the UK, Netherlands, Canada, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Norway, France, Russia, and Vietnam. 😉Friends1

Qatar Airways

There is a number of strange buildings in many countries. Sometimes there is no details about these buildings. Other times, there is plenty of info online.Image result for strange buildings

What is the reason behind all those strange buildings? Isn’t it obvious?

Capture your attention and lure you to travel and visit these places wherever they are. It’s definitely a good reason. You’ll buy a ticket and reserve a room in that fabulous hotel to enjoy the glamour of the top swimming pool and the unique luxury of that special mall.

You’d buy everything you need and more. Right?

Until we talk again soon, here’s our hugs and kisses, just stick to our topics, and leave your signature

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