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In a situation when you are in need for an attorney, you should deal with it thoughtfully without feeling a rush (it doesn’t mean that you should have cold feet), your chance of hiring an attorney should be built based on a realistic selection.

It is not easy to find the right attorney to handle your case even if it was a small case, but this is the truth. The number of good attorneys is diminishing and it seems that young people lost interest in being lawyers, after all these expensive complicated tests make them uncertain of their options.Attorney

Anyway, once you decide that you have a case that needed to be handled by an attorney, start calling the bar association in your area. They are always a good source of help for your options. If you succeeded in getting an appointment with one or more, make sure that you prepare questions to ask.

In the meantime, do not commit yourself to any of them until you give yourself a chance to think it over. Sometimes instant decisions are not good, especially in cases where attorneys are fishing for wealthy persons.

A number of questions you need to ask, and to make sure that you understand the answer: 

– How long have you been an attorney?
– How many similar cases did you have before?
– Do you have any special area such as employment cases or recall cases, etc.?
– Do you accept pro-Bono cases (denoting work undertaken without charge, especially legal work for a client with a low income.)
– Would you be able to answer my questions if I had any?
– What is your plan to win my case?
– Approx how long it will take in court?
– What kind of result should you expect?

Pls do not sign any papers. Wait! After the meeting ask yourself:

. Was that attorney a good listener? Did he give you a chance to express your problem?
. Was that attorney in a hurry? He kept asking you questions without giving you a chance to talk or to ask questions?
. Did you feel comfortable meeting with that attorney?

Lila said that one time she had a divorce case, and she was meeting with a number of law firms attorneys. One attorney didn’t give her a chance to talk at all, he kept asking her questions, asking her to turn her cell phone off, and every time she tried to ask him a question, he would interrupt her and correct her phrases and words. Awful! She politely excused herself after he started talking about his girlfriend situation.

She crossed out his name from her list, he was not hired!

Until we chat again, keep updated topics in mind all the time, it’s your reliable source of inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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