So close and yet so far away, you see now how you could be so powerful yet so helpless?! 😉 Thanks friends from the US, India, Canada, Kenya, and the UK for giving suggestions and comments, and welcome back! 😉

When you have a complaint about something or someone, should you express it right away or it is better to wait a little bit to calm down and think rationally?

There are two schools here: one says taking immediate  action is better; while another opinion say not to act while you’re angry and that you might regret your decision later on.

Don’t let anger take over you: when you’re angry, your mind is working under bias to yourself. Your mind is blaming everyone else around you for mistakes that happened.

Define the problem: You need to put your misery on paper. What makes you unhappy at work? What is the best solution in your opinion?Urgent.png

Talk to your boss: The best way to handle your concerns is to talk about it to your boss. May be there’s something that you can’t see. Explain, discuss, and get to the bottom of it.

Jump not into conclusions: It’s easy to have your own interpretations for situations at workplace, and others might have their own conclusions towards you as well. Sometimes it is wrong. For example, a polite serious person might be seen as rude unfriendly, coz most of the time the focus is on work not on chatting with others.

Every complaint you have has its own solution, and your only key to this solution is dealing correctly with your cards. Organize your thoughts, define your issues without exaggeration, talk about it precisely, and listen to your boss’s suggested solution. If it didn’t work or if you were not convinced enough of what is been said to you, just quit.

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Back to your question, should you act immediately or should you wait until calming down?

Frankly speaking, we think that each situation is different. Some are even extremes such as a major injury at work. Of course, you need to report it right away! Others are minor, similar to ignoring your greetings at work by some colleagues, coz you don’t know if the person is busy-minded or what.

There’s still more to be said especially about workplace and all the unsaid issued that happen at work and put many in misery. 

Until we tell you more about it, just enjoy our updated topics, send your suggestions, leave your nice comments, with our hugs and kisses


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