In My Way, 1Zumba!

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Never tired of saying thank you! 😉 Yes, again and again, thank you for being with us friends from the US, India, France, and Kenya. 😉

It’s my pleasure to have you all with us from every where in our great world, … This is what I am listening to right now, while writing to you:

I just love Jazz music, especially the piano. I can’t resist listening to piano playing. It works like magic for me. It opens my energy to work.  I think that you would love it too my 1Zumba friend.

This is how the traffic was in my way to my 1Zumba classes:


Amanda, dear 1Zumba friend, you are living your best part of life. Enjoy every single moment. Do not fall into the trap of seeking money or making money, coz it will devour your youth. It’ll eat you alive. All of a sudden, you…

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