You have the heart of a champion and you’ll make more wins happen! 😉  Thanks for being here dear friends from the US, Portugal, Canada, Indonesia, and India! 😉

Your world is full of amazing creative people. Many of them their names were never known to you or to many others. But their work stood there for longer than their lives, until one day their work is gone either for wearing out or for being destroyed.

Art pieces in many countries are kept and maintained as heritage, for their higher values historically-speaking.Related image

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So what do you think of that special fountain? Have you ever seen a fountain like this? There are plenty of things you didn’t see and we didn’t too. It’s not only you. Then, why don’t you share with us your special experiences as we share ours with you?

image              image

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Until we chat again, keep looking forward for our next post with our hugs and kisses ❤

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