Done in 12!

Cipher or decipher, may be similar to toxic or intoxicating, do you know how? 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from the US, India, Canada, Morocco, Brazil, and the UAE! 😉

It all came in 12. What is it? I still remember Amy’s request of how to draw a lion. Today it’s time to give her the answer. She was patient with us for a whole month, don’t you agree?

Also, it’s for you, teachers and educators. It’s good to know new splashes. Sometimes your bag of tricks is empty or about to be empty so fill it up with a new simple attention-grabber for your students in class.

I know it never comes easy for you, teachers, nowadays to keep your classes engaged. Here it is. It’s simply starts with a circle. Just a round or semi-round circle. Then follow the steps:SophieLion.jpg

Until we chat again, stick to your updated topics; it has a lot to offer you. Get the good stuff before anyone else does, with our hugs and kisses
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