Your Hair!

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Previously, we might have mentioned tips about hair and may be hair products as well. However, in order to understand how the products work on your hair, you SophieUrHairneed to know first few things about your hair, how it grows, and what kind of care it truly needs.

When you think of hair you probably think of the hair that grows on the head, but there’s hair almost in every part of the body. Some of the hair on the body is easy to see like eyebrows but other hair like the hair on the cheek is so fine that it’s almost invisible. The only places where there is no hair include the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, and your lips.

You have hair on your cheeks, why would your body needs that?

Depending on where hair is it has different jobs. The hair on top of your head keeps your head warm. Your eyelashes protect your eyes from dirt and dust, and your eyebrows or truck boobs protect your eyes from sweat dripping down into them.


Amazing but if this hair stuff is everywhere where does it come from?

It all starts in the skin. There are hair follicles that extend below the surface of the skin. At the base of each follicle is the hair bulb (root) where cells multiply through the skin where it can be seen.

Even more amazing is that once hair is under that skin’s surface the cells that make up a strand of hair aren’t alive anymore. That’s why it doesn’t hurt when hair is cut with scissors.

Why does it look so pretty and shiny? For that you can take the oil glands which are also called sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands produce the oil that makes hair shiny. Sometimes the

sebaceous gland pumps out too much oil and the person’s hair may look greasy.

Image result for hair follicle structureYou may not notice it but hair is always falling out and being replaced by new hair. Each hair grows for an average of about three years rest for a few months and then it falls out. A new hair growing out of the same follicle replacing the old one of the one hundred thousand hairs on a typical person’s head about fifty to a hundred hairs fall out each day.

Well, how about its colors? Your hair color comes from melanin, which is a pigment. The lighter someone’s hair is the less melanin there is, so if you have blond hair you have less melanin than someone with black hair. Also, people lose the melanin in their hair as they age. That is why your grandpa has all white hair!

Hair also comes in different textures like curly, straight, raised, or bald, which is beautiful. The average hair grows half an inch per month and some people can grow their hair really long down their backs.

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Your hair may look so healthy. Washing hair regularly helps keep it looking great, but the truth is that you don’t need to wash it every single day, or else you can lose the oil which feeds your hair. When your hair looks greasy, it is not bad as it is claimed, you need to give your oils enough time to take care of your hair. Your body produces them to give all the nutrition needed for your hair. The kind of oil your body produced is very unique, coz what your own hair needs is different from another person’s hair. That is where media is at fault when it promotes certain shampoo based on one criteria for a group of people, assuming that they are all the same in their hair needs.

Brushing and combing your hair regularly tune keeps your hair in a good condition. Eating healthy food is good too. A nutritious diet keeps your body healthy from the inside out!

Until we chat again, try to read the instructions on your hair product to make sure that it is the right one for you. Keep on reading our updated topics to find your muse, with our hugs and kisses Pure Silk


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