Your Body!

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Talking about the systems of your body sounded exciting for many of you. The numbers also are quite amazing.

For example how many muscles in your body?

Some say over 650. Others say over 850. What’s important is to know that there is two kinds of muscles in your body: voluntary and involuntary. An example of your voluntary muscle is your skeletal muscle which you can control. As for involuntary muscle, one of them is your cardiac muscle for your heart which you cannot control.

Now the question is: what does each of your systems do?

Simple and brief:
. Respiratory system: breathes the air as in inhale n exhale.
. Digestive system: organizes your eating, digesting, n pushing the rest of unwanted food out of your body.
. Lymphatic system: gets rid of toxins, waste, n unwanted materials.
. Endocrine system: produces hormones and chemicals that regulate your organs.
. Circulatory system: delivers nutrients and oxygen to all cells in your body.
. Nervous system: controls nerves transmitting signals between parts of your body
. Muscular system: control all muscles whether in your fingers or heart.
. Skeletal system: all part of your skeleton adapt to your moves all the time.YourBodySystems
. Integumentary system: protecting your body from external world.
. Reproductive system: produce and sustain eggs/sperms to continue developing off-springs.
. Urinary system: getting rid of a waste called urea collected from food in  your blood.
. Immune system: protects your body against any bacteria or any other that would cause disease for your body.

As you know, many theories can be good for the day, but can be diminished tomorrow!

Until we talk again, we would love to hear from you: suggestions, reviews, questions, any engagement or interaction will be seriously appreciated, with our hugs and kisses


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