Beat it, not to fear it! The day brings you a lot, and it’s all added to your memory! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Ghana, Australia, and Kenya 😉

Conflicting thoughts and feelings only come to the surface when you go to deep sleep. It can be disturbing, but it’s healing as well, coz it wash all your days’worries. It has its way in preparing your mind for your next day.


Every now and then
I have a dream
which i don’t remember
but it leaves me with
the feeling of panic
fear of something
that is coming in
not sure in my life or
in the life of others
around me or far away from me
but i know that feeling
that ugly feeling of fear
my heart is pounding
n my mind is searching
for something
what? I don’t know 
it’s just that feeling
that ugly feeling of fear
Questing what should i do
if this unknown happened
n my only answer is
go ahead and wake up
beat that feeling
that ugly feeling of fear!

Until we chat again, hopefully in a little bit, check on our updated list of topics, finding your inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤ 



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