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Do you need to apologize for someone coz she was freaked out by your presence? For example: you stepped into the class and there was another teacher there. S/he got scared or taken: “Oh! you scared me!” How would you react to this?

The other example and I saw that happening myself in one of the stores, where one of the customers told an associate: “OMG! You gave me a heart attack!” She Image result for fearanswered him with a big smile: “Moi?” It was in French meaning “Me?”

It’s creepy to feel that people getting startled when you move around doing nothing, just walking in a store or a class or a mall. What’s the big deal? Why people are under stress and fear?

It sounded like a new phenomenon in our community, don’t you think so?

In the year 1998, a Tennessee High school teacher thought that there was a gas smell in her class. She fell sick indicating all symptoms of being poisoned (nausea, dizziness, etc..

Shortly afterwards, her students started complaining from the same symptoms, and there was a serious thought of a poisoning gas spreading in that class followed by another related to the whole school.

The students were hospitalized in large numbers and the authorities started an investigation.Avéne USA

There was a big surprise in the findings of that investigation when the report stated that it was all false alarm, and that all students suffered from amass psychogenic illness’.

The ‘outbreak’ in Tennessee demonstrates that people can be scared – to the point of sickness – without there actually being any real threat present. However, it begs the obvious question, what makes us feel afraid? More.

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However when you act as if you were scared of  others without an obvious reason, this is a huge issue, and may be it is a natural reaction  to all the violence pictures you watch in the media around you. You don’t need to worry! There’s always a solution. You can either find it yourself, or you can seek the help of others.

Until we chat again, keep sending more comments and questions with our hugs and kisses

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