Which one is better being an astronaut or a waitress? You are the only one who can draw your clear path. Your life-map is all yours to get to your desired spot! 😉 Welcome back to your site friends from the US, India, Brazil, Philippines, Russia, Bangladesh, the UK, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Vietnam, and Canada  😉

Last week among the topics we were preparing for was a topic called “Tips” but it was meant to talk about the tips you got from friends. In other words, any advice you receive from anyone around you and how this advice affects your decisions. However the topic was changed after watching that clip, considering that many opinions were given as a response.

Yesterday on The New York Times, my colleagues and I watched that video about tips:

Avene USAWho took that decision for you to be a waitress?

You did. Nobody else can force you to do something that you don’t want to do unless you were under some seriously abnormal circumstances.

You have the power to take a step in absolutely any direction you want, and your past results do not dictate your future decisions. Stop living in the past. Start planning your future.


Because you felt that it was the right decision to take at that time under those conditions, right? But once time passed, you’d find out if you were a hero or a zero!

Now you need to confront yourself with these results. It’s no shame. It’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just a step in the process of learning.  As you’ve agree with us before that the learning process is endless. It will take you more than a life-time. It’s a forever process!

There you are admitting that there could have been a better decision that will take you to a better situation or a better career.

How can you change that bad situation?

You’re going in the right direction. You’ve already admitted that your past decision was immature. You could have landed a better job, a better place to earn your living. You should follow the steps then to get to where you want to be next.

Steps to do if you were serious?

– Admit it and deal with it.
– Take it simple. Just tell your super that you’re moving on to another area where you’d feel that you’re achieving something you want. Do your search and apply for your best options. Aim higher. Check on the careers that would let you make the income that you’re looking for and see if you’re capable of joining a school or getting some kine of license that would enable you of where you want to be for real.
– Share your change-of-life decision with your closest family member and open up to discussion. This will give you a splash of brain refreshing mood. You’d feel if you were going in the right direction this time.

News Insight:
.  Reality Debt Traps.

You’ll make it safely to the right decision, and if you failed again, don’t feel sorry for yourself, just keep trying and you’ll get there. Persistence is essential in your success so don’t give up on yourself. No one else would care about yourself except yourself!

Until we chat again, keep hanging around our topics if you wish to get your true inspiration with our hugs and kisses Foreo International

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