Your Heart & Mirth!

Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US and Turkey! 😉 If thinking of having a healthier heart seems to be like a heavy project for you, it’s really not. Does it feel like such a big deal? On the contrary, it’s only few steps away from you: Work-fruits One or two pieces … More Your Heart & Mirth!

A Chance

It’s terribly perturbing to imagine your whole world full of planets, suns, moons, space and the unknown! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, India, Sri Lanka, and Italy!   😉 Be ready for your new year with cheerfulness: anything that brings joy to your heart. It’s a chance, seize it. Spend the first day of this … More A Chance

Your Body!

Your presence makes everything shines! We’re glad you’re here! 😉 Thanks and welcome dear friends from the US, India, Canada, and New Zealand 😉 Talking about the systems of your body sounded exciting for many of you. The numbers also are quite amazing. For example how many muscles in your body? Some say over 650. Others … More Your Body!