Soaring Gas Prices!

Do you really expect a strike for gas prices? If you’re indubitable, tell us more! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Canada, the UK, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, and Czech Republic 😉Gas

Some economist predict higher inflation soon due to their observation for gas prices which is continuously increasing within the last three months.

In spite of all the assurance of the media for the people that the economy is strong and that the US ranks no. 12 among the best countries for business, it seems that some states are better than the others.

In California, the gas prices are up to its highest levels ever. Everyone who uses a vehicle for commuting between home and work is now complaining of these outrageous prices.

Image result for gas prices are a real problem in CA

Michael said that he would expect people to be in a strike soon against the flaming prices of gas. Natalie answered him that probably the best thing to do was not to go to work until gas prices went down to its least prices the way it used to be before.

Not sure who is going to be the winner in that challenge though.

Until we talk again, here’s some tips for saving on your gas usage or others. As for our topics, they are updated with our hugs and kisses.


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