The Showman!

Have some fun to refresh your mind! 😉 Thank you for being here! Make yourself at home 🙂 Welcome back dear friends from the US, India, Kenya, and Spain 😉

The Greatest Showman!

The first time I watched it was in one of the classes where the teacher played the movie for his students, but I didn’t finish it coz I had another class to attend.

The 2nd time it was at home with my family, when everyone agreed that it was acceptablemovie, or it was OK. It was a weekend and it was relaxing to watch something new.

Of course musicals are not for everyone. I noticed that Hugh Jackman’s make-up as a young person was not served well enough coz he looked older than the age he was supposed to be at early in his life.

Related image

My son also commented that the two little girls did not grow up at all during the whole movie, which is a bit unrealistic and makes you wonder why they kept them at the same age?

All in all, it’s a family movie. It stresses the message of respect for diversity and accepting others as they are.

You may enjoy it if you like musicals coz it’s full of choreography, dancing, shows, and music. The story is not new with no surprises or twists. 3 stars is reasonable for it. A lot of work and effort was put into it to come out that way.

All actors and actresses did a very good job with no exception. We recommend it for you. Have fun just be careful over-eating popcorn.

Until we chat again, one movie per week is reasonable number, enjoy yourself also with our topics, and with our hugs and kisses

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