Marie Antoinette

Welcome our new readers from everywhere especially from the US, Philippines, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Slovakia, Brazil, Canada, El Salvador, New Zealand, n Australia 😉  It’s always a pleasure to have you all, wherever you are, whoever you are, coz we care for each one of you 😉

“Now I can read your palm. Next time I see you , I’ll tell you whom you’re going to meet in your future, who is gonna hurt you, and who is gonna love u, n when u’re gonna gain a lot of money, when u’r gonna travel to some places. I’ll tell u things u didn’t tell me about urself. I’ll tell u facts about ur health, n ur life span.

All of this coz i had that intensive palm reading course, which was amazingly surprisingly fascinating. I applied all the principles on many of my friends and neighbors, and it worked. OMG!”

That was what my daughter’s friend texted her while she was so excited, and when I was asked “what do you think my mom?” question, I didn’t know what to say 😕

“This is great. It was one of the challenges that she wanted to do  I guess for a long time”, I answered briefly. As you know there is no time, all the time, hahaha!



Marie Antoinette, very interesting and sad story at the same time. “The teenage queen was embraced by France in 1770. Twenty-three years later, she lost her head to the guillotine. (But she never said, “Let them eat cake or biscuits”, when she was told that people couldn’t find bread to eat.  😛

She’s been begging me to write about her for quite some time. Therefore, I thought tonight is the night. I have to mention her, to feel free a bit from her ghost that keeps knocking at my brain insistingly.

I think this generation  knows only about her hair style, which was very famous trend many years ago.

Her way of dealing with people and their problems were so provoking, as if she was totally and completely living in another world of her own. More than one movie told us her story. Of course, it’s history, but quite interesting. More

I will live with Marie Antoinette tonight, reading more about her, watching her movie, 2006. Your comments will be appreciated. Let us know if you think that she deserved to be executed the way they did for her or not.  Stay tuned with Marie Antoinette 😉

Love you all guys, be cool, and be nice to each other 😉



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