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How terrific to have you all with us today, especially our new visitors from Russia, the US, France, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Finland, n Peru. 😉 Honestly, we appreciate having you with us, and we’ll keep our promise of giving you new tips here & there 😉

Hey my 1Zumba friend, how are you? Feeling enthusiastic and energetic? Yep, this is our guys 🙂  Believe me when I say you are with me all the time, or most of the time to be more accurate. Life is full of, you know, busy schedules, haha!

Do not put something in your stomach, unless you know what it is. Do not put something in your tummy where it does not belong.

Strange or harmful ingredients can be put in your plate silently without having your permission. Not that someone wants to harm you intentionally , but what I mean is that fast food is or can be automatically served to you by innocent people, who are only doing their jobs without minding helping or hurting others. You are the one who should care for your won good health, not them.

hlthYou are the one who is always in a hurry, and who wants to fill up the stomach just to silent it. Sometimes when your hungry it doesn’t matter to you whether you are filling up your tummy with garbage or real good food. You just wanted to stay away from the poking your tummy is giving you. In other words the hunger which is nagging you.

So keep saying to yourself No no no. Listen carefully, coz you are what you eat. Every weekend, go buy the best toast in the grocery store, the kind you love the most, and get some turkey, beef, salmon or any cheese sliced, some tomatoes, some spinach, or cucumber n lemon. A bottle of fresh juice if you do not have the time to make some fresh juice yourself.

Before going to bed, my 1Zumba friend, Daniel, just prepare the toast you would take with you tomorrow to work. When it is eating time, n you feel hungry, just open your bag of fresh healthy and unique clean combination of food to eat. So now you eat healthy clean, and most importantly something you know what it is made of, not something who knows what’s inside it. Let alone whether someone touch it with her bare hands, or sneeze in it before coming our of that kitchen. 😕

Dear 1Zumba, how are your? How’s your day going? Do you want to know the rest of our story? All right, the one true dilemma which was mentioned by Dr. Sandel was about an incident that took place in the year 2005, when there was a secret mission in Afghanistan looking for some acquaintance of Bin Laden.

It was mentioned by intelligence sources that a special armed team was sent to a village in the mountains, assuming a certain position to get to that person. Suddenly few Afghan peasants or shepherds with goats appeared , and there were few children with them. They were all unarmed, so the soldiers waved their guns asking them to sit down on the ground, until they think what is the best way to handle them.

They kept wondering what they should do with those unarmed people. Should they leave them loose, n just let them go n continue their way with their sheep, or should they tie them up with some ropes? Oops, the soldiers didn’t have any ropes in the first place to do that. So it is better to kill them all. And end it.

but...Pheww! That was not written in the operation. Where did this come from? What should we do? Each soldier suggested a solution, and their top rank kept thinking coz there was orders, and orders in the military operations means “do it’s not argument, no comment, no discussion. Obey!

It was urgent, and the leader needed to make up his mind. It wasn’t that easy, should he take the souls of a group of innocent peasants with young kids? Dear 1Zumba, what do you think he should do? [certainly there’s is a continuation]

Before we come to an end, I’d like to seize this opportunity, and think about today’s celebration of women international day, what does this mean? It is nice to celebrate women, such a great idea, but…..1Zumba 😉

I think that there are still people, who can not speak up their full minds, coz of other considerations! Try to free yourself, n say what you want to say. Living in fear is not living. Love you all guys, take good care of yourself, until we talk again soon. Hugs & kisses 😉

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