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Dear readers and visitors from everywhere, I’m thrilled to talk to all of you today. I’m so happy to have each one of you on board, especially from the US, Czech Republic, the UK, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Norway, n Canada 😉

Hey dear 1Zumba friend, I hope that I’m on time. You know I’ve been running the whole day, just exactly like you, from here to there , and from there to here. But hey! This is life, we would continue our journey nicely and optimistically. [motivation link]

Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, whether you are aware of it or not, you are learning. You are learning every single day of your life. Period.

hppySo why don’t you manage it, instead of resisting it? How? Instead of being fed trashy commercials via your TV or monitor, direct your eyes towards something of benefit or passion to you. For example, you a have always thought of plantation, check up on Your Youtube channels how to grow flowers, whenever a terrible commercials pop-up on your laptop. Or if you were in the Bart, commuting to work, have a magazine, or a book, so when your eyes are forced to glance an ugly wall poster, you can use your book and defend your eyes, n so forth. You got my point, right? In case you were interested in honey making, you can direct your attention to happy learning of how to make honey. This is my dear 1Zumba friend, what I call creative management.

Something that you, inside yourself, wished to learn about, and you keep postponing it, giving excuses for yourself. “Today, it is not good coz I’ll be watching football with so and so, or tomorrow is not good coz I have to go to the movies with a friend.”

Days pass by and all what you are adding to your memory is just TV cheap commercials, or things that in reality will not bring you happiness or satisfaction.

SndlLet’s talk a bit about the continuation of our story from yesterday’s first. Prof. Sandel continued in his talk saying that it is not easy to explain the moral difference between these cases- why turning the trolley seems right, but pushing the old lady off the bridge seems wrong. But notice the pressure we feel to reason our way to a convincing distinction between them- and if we cannot, to reconsider our judgment about the right thing to do in each case. We sometimes think of moral reasoning as a way of persuading other people. But it is also a way of sorting out our own moral convictions, of figuring out what we believe and why.

Some moral dilemmas arise from conflicting moral principles. For example, one principle that comes into play in the trolley story says we should save as many lives as possible , but another says it is wrong to kill an innocent person, even for a good cause. Confronted with a situation in which saving a number of live depends on killing an innocent person,m we face a moral quandary. We must try to figure out which principle has greater weight, or is more appropriate under the circumstances. Other moral dilemmas arise because we ar uncertain how events will unfold.

Hypothetical examples such as the trolley story remove the uncertainty that hangs over the choices we confront in real life. They assume we know for sure how many will die if we don’t turn- or don’t push. This makes such stories imperfect guides to action., But it also makes them useful devices for moral analysis. By setting aside contingencies- “What if the workers noticed the trolley and jumped aside in time?”- hypothetical examples help us to isolate the moral principles at stake and examine their force.

Now, let’s have an actual dilemma from real life! …. [Still to be continued]

Happy businesswoman with success hand gesture

Normally, when you achieve something of importance to you, that is when you feel happy , coz it means something very special to you, even if nobody else knew about it . It does not matter. Of course, if you share it with someone else, this will be great. But still, success in attaining knowledge, and building up even small projects can give you an utmost enjoyment, you wouldn’t think of. Just try it; give yourself a chance, to enjoy things that you are not even aware of.

Going back to learning how to manage your reception. You can direct your learning receivers. You can re-direct your attention to something useful, whenever you have a chance. For instance, a horror movie trailer on this channel, You do not like it . Do not wait, just change the channel to painting channel, music, construction channel, any useful and interesting craft or business that you like.

Learning how to manage your time and your receivers is simple, but it is like any other thing takes training to be accomplished on a daily basis.

By the end of the day, give yourself five minutes, and ask yourself: “Did I say Thank you to God for every good thing He gave me today? Did I use my time the best possible way? Did I say hello to my neighbor? Did I greet my family and took good care of them? Did I have my fitness class (haha!)? N if you answered yes to all of these, then you’ve achieved your goal: You know it of course: the 1Zumba Creative Management 😉

Thank you all for being with us tonight. Until we meet again, here’s my big hug. You deserve it my dear 1Zumba friends, coz you matter 😉

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