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Hello and welcome our dearest readers and friends from everywhere. We are super glad with our current and new visitors from the US, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Cyprus, UK, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, South Korea, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Romania, n Japan 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, it is time to bury the hatchet, I assure you I can help in this matter. Instead of waiting longer than that, and accumulating those undesirable feelings, why not to talk about it openly. In my opinion, just sit with her and explain your situation. Good communication means that you are both in good understanding of where each other is 😉

trAs for our yesterday’s story,  to continue with it, one would say but the same could be said of the person working on the side track. he didn’t choose to be involved, either. He was just doing his job, not volunteering to sacrifice his life in the event of a runaway trolley. It might be argued that railway workers willingly incur a risk that by standers do not. But let’s assume that being willing to die in an emergency to save other people’s lives is not part of the job description, and that the worker has no more consented to give his life than the bystander on the bridge has consented to give his.

Now probably the moral difference lies in the effect not on the victims – both would end up dead- but in the intention of the person making the decision. As a driver of a trolley, you might defend your choice to divert the trolley by pointing out that you didn’t intend the death of the worker on the side track, foreseeable though it was; your purpose would still have been achieved if , by great stroke of luck, the five workers were spared and the sixth also managed to survive.

But the same is true in the pushing case. The death of the man you push off the bridge is not essential to your purpose . All be needs to do is block the trolley; if he can do so and somehow survive, you would be delighted.

tr1What do you think? Should the two cases be governed by the same principle? Both involve  deliberate choice to take the life of one innocent person in order to prevent an even greater loss of life. May be your uncertainty to push the guy off the bridge is mere hesitation you should overcome. Pushing  a person to his death with your bare hands does seem more cruel than turning the steering wheel of a trolley. But doing the right thing is not always easy.

Why don’t we test this opinion by a bit of a change in the story. Suppose you, as an onlooker, could cause a big old lady standing next to you to fall onto the track without pushing her; imagine she is standing on a trap door that you could open by turning a nob. No pushing, same result. Would that make it the right thing to do? Or is it still morally worse than for you, as the trolley driver, to turn onto the side track?

[The story continues]

Sometimes your logic is not necessarily enough to be the best answer for one question. Many times, there are other considerable elements you need to address and to include in order to reach to the most closely right answer or solution. And, “Yes” my 1Zumba friend, life is complicated. It’s never easy to get closer to the right decision, especially when it involves lives of humans.

“Dear Garcia, think for a moment, what was the best thing that ever happened to you . In your life, in general, or during a specific time of your life. Think about the thing that you considered to be the best thing ever happens to you. Then move on into, why you thought that at that time, and if you still feel the same about that thing you have considered in the past that it was the best thing ever happened to you. If you do still think that it was the best thing ever happened to you, analyze what elements were involved in that matter, i.e. relatives, family, friends, money, learning, trip, etc.. write down all the elements involved on a piece of paper, then write next to each point, think who was included in that point, and go on cut it down into the very tiny pieces. The seeds which you will end up to, are those that caused your success. Look for them, wherever they are. These are your clues, if you find them, you would find the answers you are looking for. Nobody else except you could get into those seeds”, that was Jazzy’s reply for Garcia’s message 😉

Now, it’s time to say goodbye, just for now, but we still have a lot to say. So until then, here’s my kisses 😉

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