1Zumba! Miami Takeover?

Hello everyone, and welcome to our world, especially our lovely new visitors form the US, the UK, Italy, Russia, Brazil, n Philippines ūüėČ

There is a lot of great things in life, but sometimes, you don’t appreciate any of them coz you are not in the right mood.¬†

Out of being tired, depressed, unhappy, defeated in one battle, can make you do things, that you don’t want to do; such as, giving up your membership in one club or another, canceling your magazine subscription, or any other silly reaction, that you later on, think: “Why did I do that?” Sure, you can undo what you did, but it is not always the case. Sometimes, there are things you cannot undo. Silly, right ūüėē

How are you doing my 1Zumba friend? Going to your classes regularly? Well, I doubt it. Haha! Just pay attention to your time. Time is your life. ¬†ūüėČ

Miami InviteToday we have the wonderful Okeemah Henderson¬†ūüôā

She is our guest today, and she would like to have your attention for few minutes, coz she is up to a HUGE project, in Florida, USA.

Here’s how she introduced herself to you, what she said about her dreams, and most importantly about her big July 2016 event:

1.How would you introduce yourself to our readers? ….
Okeemah Henderson Fitness extraordinaire!
2.How long have you been a fan of fitness?
I have been into fitness since the age of 8 years old.
3.What kind of interests you have?
I am interested in the overall wellness of fitness enthusiasts. I am interested in curtailing obesity and having fitness expos and the like to assist.
4.When in class, how do you feel about other students who can’t follow up?
We offer modified versions of all exercises and assist in any way we can to encourage one to stick with it even if it’s just moving in the slightest.
5.What is your ultimate dream?

To have one of the biggest fitness festivals & healthy eating “Expos” with all genres of instructors teaching and attending from everywhere on a yearly basis.

6.What kind of difficulties  you encounter in life in general?

Trying to get people to think outside the box and try different workout regimens, meal plans, etc.

7. What is your favorite color? Orange
8. Did you find any solutions for these difficulties?
Yes, keep being consistent by talking about it and being a living example by doing it myself.
miami19.Is there any funny or embarrassing situations that happened to you when you first started …….?
10.Do you feel that there is a certain message that you want to deliver for our readers?
Invest in yourself! You owe it to yourself. You sacrifice a lot maintaining your figure and health, might as well enjoy it with a vacation that you can still stick to your fitness goals set.
11.What local events you like to participate in?
Fitness expos, Health Expos, Zumba classes, Kickboxing classes, Caribbean Zumba, 5k runs and 10k runs
12.Can you tell our readers something they do not know about you?
I am the originator or Miami Fitness Takeover.The best Fitness Retreat in sunny South Beach, Miami. I am an advocate for taking care of your body through fitness and exercise and proper eating.
13.How do you choose your daily routine?
It really depends on what pops into my head when I wake up that morning. whatever that is, that’s what I do.

The “MIAMI FITNESS TAKEOVER 2016”¬† invites you to come and enjoy three days of fitness workouts and demos, health & wellness sessions, enjoy the nightly social events (if you wish), as well as the PERFECT getaway/vacation in sunny South Beach Miami!¬†

Some of the top fitness experts will take the main stage for this three-day fitness event in South Beach, Miami, July 7 to July 11th 2016!!  Class sessions include, to name a few: Caribbean Soca, Kickboxing, Zumba, Karibfit sessions, Yoga, a early morning beach run and more!

Our all-inclusive packages include flight, hotel, fitness events as well as social events and more while in Miami.  We offer monthly payment plans on our all-inclusive travel packages once an initial deposit of $150.00.  Secure your package by registering at using PROMOCODE GETFIT2016.  Final payment is due May 20th.  I hope to see you in Miami!  If you have any other questions, feel free to call Okeemah!

Dear 1Zumba friends, it is nice to go to Miami, but it is not easy to have a vacation from life, or may be you can, who knows. So it’s ¬†1Zumba Miami then ūüėČ

Love you all guys, remember to send me your emails, and comments. If you wish to have an interview with us pls, shoot me an email immediately, do not procrastinate.

For bloggers, you are welcome to share any links or articles on our pages. ¬†To all of you, our love and kisses, until we talk again about new and really something nice ūüėČ



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