Happy Birthday Sophie!

Dear friends everywhere, today I’m having a very special day but  first I’d like to thank you for everything you sent me and then I’ll tell you what happened.

It has been such a high vibe that has given me a really tremendous energy; especially from the US, Netherlands, Australia, n India; and particularly, from the US, Spain, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Peru, India, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Philippines, & many more from 1ZumbaCircles Group on FB 😉

It all started yesterday, when all the best ever kindest nicest wishes started roaming all around me from everywhere. OMG!

My birthday is today, yet, it started yesterday, with the most fantastic gorgeous congratulations’ phrases I’ve ever had in my life. It felt as if the whole universe is celebrating with me. I can’t describe how I felt, it’s beyond words. 

Today, my phone did not stop ringing, my email box has become completely packed, and even regular mail has gone crazy. Thank you for the balloons, the cakes, & all other presents. It has been very special day. None of my previous birthdays was like today’s. I feel that I wouldn’t be able to reply to each one of you, but I’ll try my best to do as many as I can.

So, I thought about an online party, which I never did before. It just came to my mind. I made an announcement, may be it was early afternoon as follows: 

funny.jpg“I’m thinking of initiating an online party; not sure, how it could go, especially with all the time differences between members.

But as you all know me, I like to try something new. Since you give me all this energy today, I will go ahead n try it. If it worked, great; if not, who cares, haha!
Let’s set the time between 8-9 pm Pacific Time, & I know it might be 3 am the next day in some countries.
I’ll open the group chat, accept all your posts, as well as posting few things, & we’ll go from there.
If you liked the idea, you’re welcome to join the party. 🙂 Thank you my dear 1Zumba friends, readers, followers, & every single one, who inspired me for new ideas 🙂

Well, the party online started 8:00 pm Pacific Time Zone, by this video, which was sent to me by one friend from 1Zumba.com:

Then Disney fireworks celebrating their 60th anniversary. I love fireworks!! Following that impeccable show, a short video, I produced for a number of birthday card wishes I received from relatives & friends:

One of the songs I got is this one, and I love it sent to me by a FB friend, I hope he is 1Zumba reader as well.

It was concluded at 9 pm by this special song, from among other songs, I collected for my 1Zumba.com youtube clip, probably when done I can post it.

The bottom line is that I had the best party ever, online, on FaceBook with my friends, relatives, & followers from both 1Zumba.com &  1ZumbaCircles. I opened the chatting line, and so many friends were completely engaged into conversation & party.

It is completely new experience for me; some of them were giving BD congrats, and others asking about other things. The one hour passed very fast, and it was quite interesting, full of real fun 🙂

My dear 1Zumba friend, I hope that you were with us. If you were, coz plenty were there, but coz of the crowd they were just following up the videos posted I guess, and if you were not, I hope that next time, you would be. Probably it would be more matured than first time events, who knows 😀

I had to go to my other party after 9 pm with my closest friends, for a special treat. May be next time, I’ll ask you to join us, if you were available, right?! 🙂

My dear 1Zumba friends, it all turned out to be one very special Day, as if it was a re-birth not only a birthday Party. And, believe it or not, it was all because of YOU 🙂

I can say we now reach our conclusion, thank   you again, and wish you all having a pleasant night. Be cool, kisses sophieChannel


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