1Zumba Fire

Dear friends and readers, we are delighted and thankful to have you with us everyday, especially our new ones from the US, the UK, Japan, Philippines, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Mexico, Ukraine, Serbia, South Africa, France, & Austria 😉

The New Year is approaching. Soon it will be a new year in our lives. Can you believe it! It’s 2016 only in THREE days;)

There is a lot to do, a lot of potentials for aggressive expansion! “For what?”, asked eagerly my 1Zumba friend. For many many things worldwide. But let’s think together today of those who nobody think about them enough.

pr5When we stop at a traffic light, and see someone carrying a paper on which it is written that s/he is hungry, it breaks my heart. How is life getting so cruel on that person, and what made her to be standing there in that chilly freezing weather? Look around you, do something, do not turn your head the other way, and think that this is none of your business.

For poor and needy here, in Africa, in Asia, or in various parts of the world, I am sure you can find endless potential projects to help these helpless people. Instead of opening new stores for dogs n cats, open stores for saving people. Nothing is easy, just take the time and check reliable resources online or in your community’s library, and initiate helping some of the indigent individuals who exist in our world- on Earth.

pr6I agree with you that there are some organization claim that they help poor people and homeless kids in different parts of the world. But this is not enough.

Why go to Africa? Why don’t you look here in Berkeley or Oakland, how really homeless people are treated? Why don’t you step up, and spread the word, and help them instead of having a show raising money for dogs and cats?

Some told me that it’s the responsibility of the rich to look after the poor. Well, it’s not happening. When the rich give donations, sometimes it is for other reasons, not necessarily out of care or love for human beings.

Why don’t we buy an island, or rent one, where we can provide food and shelter for anyone who needs help? Islands are not that expensive, and we can build new communities there and new lives. Look at this website; where many islands are sold, for very reasonable prices. http://rent.privateislandsonline.com/

We should do something, so if you have any idea for helping people to eat and to have shelter, pls send us an email, contact us with your ideas, coz there are millions of people in our world, whose lives are not as good as yours. May be you are not as rich as Queen Elizabeth or Bill Gates, but may be one good new idea would make others’ lives better than the way they live now. You will get rich if you did that with us.

When I go to my classes of 1Zumba I feel happy, and I wish if everybody else is happy. I know that there are miserable people in our world, and few care for them. Let physical fitness and 1Zumba inspire you for doing good for others who are in a real need. Let your heart be enlightened and illuminated by 1Zumba Fire 😉

We love you all guys!



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