1Zumba Matters?

Thank you our readers everywhere, and welcome our new friends from the US, Canada, France, and the UK  😉

Today, we give our special thanks to Cheri Horner for her contribution to our blog. We really appreciate sharing your story with us all, Cheri! Due to its length, we will have to divide it into two or more parts: one today, and the others to come soon, including all the photos that were sent to us too.

Wow, I’m really enjoying it, my 1Zumba friend, how about you? Oh, you will start reading it now? Ok then, let me know what you think later on 😉

This is what Cheri said:
Thank you Sophie for the opportunity to share my experiences =) I am sending 9 pics now in a separate email, some I labeled, one is a pic from 2 years ago (ugh), others show how fun 1Zumba is =) I apologize if it’s too lengthy, I’ve been working on this and the time slipped by and once I got started, it all just kind of poured out of me! I can shorten and make changes where needed, if this is something you wanted to use =)
All the best,
1-How long have you been exercising 1Zumba/ or any other physical fitness activity?
CherI believe I’ve been going to 1Zumba for the last 3 or 4 years. It was after my second son was born that I discovered 1Zumba. I had to take a break because I didn’t have much energy during my next pregnancy with our third son. I remember attending my first class again when he was 7 weeks old and the ladies in line for class telling me it was much too soon to start exercising after a C-section. I knew this was true, but I also knew that our third was probably our last, so with pregnancy weight gain behind me, I was very anxious to loose the weight and get healthy.

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life, weighing almost exactly 100 pounds more than I do now, at my worst of times. When I was in college in my twenties, I had a very stressful and unsatisfying full-time career as an Insurance Agent. I was attending the University of Phoenix full time as well, and my health was put on the back burner, causing me to gain a ton of weight. I’ll never be able to hang my college graduation photos because I am so embarrassed by my size. With each of my three pregnancies, I would gain a lot of weight, then get back down a bit, only to want more children and thus, put the weight back on all over again!

2- Why 1Zumba? What did you do before 1Zumba?
cher5I’ve been going to one gym or another for the last 20 years or so, since my late teens. I used to run on the treadmill or would try a step or kick boxing class, but nothing really grabbed me. 1Zumba has repetitive dance moves, so once you get to know them, you can put more of yourself into it and get a better workout! As a child, my girlfriends and I would constantly make up dance routines to the newest Michael Jackson, Tiffany or Madonna song! I feel like a kid again when I dance!

3- Do you have a specific goal in joining a 1Zumba class?
Yes, to get in shape and maintain a healthy life style while having a blast! I love dancing so much that I know I won’t get bored with 1Zumba as opposed to weights, step, kick boxing, or any other class.

Cher44- What keeps you going on with your classes?
I love the dance routines and the repetition of the songs and dances. I’ve also made some really great friendships at the gyms that I attend. I look forward to dancing with my friends and sweating my tail off at the same time! I love the loud music in class and I love dancing to it! Plus it keeps the pounds off!”

By the way Cheri is running a private Day Care & Pre-School for Kids:
Bright Beginnings Childcare and Preschool
A loving, nurturing home environment where children can play, learn & grow.

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of our friend Cheri, and you’re welcome to complete her story in our next post, see you soon 😉
[To Be Continued]

Whether you are the Japanese Emperor or the Alaskan Dinosaur, or our class Janitor, it does not matter. We are all equal; we are human beings. You my 1Zumba friend matters. Every single human beings matters.
What do you think our 1Zumba lovers?  Is it one of our important 1Zumba  Matters?  😉

Love & kisses for all of you 😉

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