1Zumba, Smart Play’t Hard

❤ Our wonderful visitors and readers from everywhere. What a great company from the US, Mexico, Angola, Algeria, n the UK  😕  

We really enjoy being with you, you are the best 😉

Can you love someone coz he’s smart or coz she’s smart?  Certainly. Why? Coz smart people will inspire you, will motivate you, will challenge you, will make your life easier (if they can), or at least more exciting 😛

OH!  So where can I find them? Everywhere around you, you’d feel it. Just look closely using all your senses. This is my answer for you my dear 1Zumba friends. Smart people are everywhere, and there are certain things they do, which make it very obvious that they are specially endowed with good brains. More


Clever people mostly have certain behaviors. Humbleness is a basic one of these behaviors; they talk to any one, respect other’s ideas, and take everything said to them serious. They have straight thinking. No manipulation, and certainly no procrastination.

That doesn’t mean that they are not fun to be around; on the contrary, when they make you laugh, you will never forget their jokes, coz they are genuine.

Dear 1Zumba friend, can you imagine that this invention, many people thought it would never come to light:


In case you don’t know what it is, it is called “Shweeb”, look it up on google.com, you would find plenty of pictures, and detailed explanations about this new transport solution, which is integrating the unique properties of monorail and recumbent cycle technologies, Shweeb delivers a personal, efficient, and cost-effective transport solution .

Our 100 Questions Competition is still on guys, here’s our Question # 7:


We ran out of time, for now, but we’ll talk again in a little while. Just get your drinks, and let’s have a long chat. Love you

Oh! Almost forget to tell you, my 1Zumba friend, smart people play’t hard 😉

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