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womenSuccessThe waitress asked: “Are you a celebrity or what?”, my friend and I looked at each other, and laughed. “I must have seen you a lot somewhere, I swear. My friend said: “Yeh, I get that a lot”, then I said: “He is the double for Elvis Presley, haha!” So she came closer to our table, after she’s been speaking from out there next to her counter. “Oh! Elvis, he is, isn’t that right!” She started talking about how huge fan she was, ¬†how that legend was still living among us until that day, and how his music was favorable for many people, young and adults.

Another voice approached our table, and that was another waitress confirming the subject matter saying: “No other genius will ever come again”. I responded instantly: “No this is not true, no other Elvis will happen again right, but many geniuses are born every single day. Not knowing about them being born, that is something else”, and we all laughed. That was nice, but it took half the dinner time, and left only the other half for us to eat, haha!

tk tst1For you Valedah, 1Zumba friend, thank you for your question, and first I would like to tell you that every person is different, when it comes to test or exam anxiety. ¬†During all the times, I was studying for a certain test, only one thought was prevailing in my own mind, all the time or most of the time: “Am I going to pass that test?” It was actually a question rather than a thought. The more it hammered deep inside my brain, the more distracted I was from focusing on studying.

It was like a continuous interference in my flow of thoughts n concentration. So I used to stop for a second, gathered my thoughts together, thinking deeply, why such question keep coming up to my head? The answer was: it was fear. Yes, fear not to pass that test. When I tried to tell myself ¬†“So what? What would happen if you didn’t……….I wasn’t even ready to just complete the thought or to hear the word or the assumption silently or loudly. It gave me a terrifying feeling. I dislike anything other that success. I guess we are all like that ūüėē

glIn my situation, the only way out for me was to study harder, and not to just stop trying coz of fear. It reminds me of the Bodyguard movie, the scene of the bodyguard’s dad when he was talking about his son, and why he became an expert in security or guarding people. It was, originally, for chasing his fears until they disappeared. I don’t remember the exact words of the scenario, but to my best understanding that it was the implied meaning, if it was put otherwise. I hope that my tips would help you. Try¬†hard, do your best, and it will be rewarded by success. Good luck to you and to all other students everywhere. Aim higher my 1Zumba!

Before we say goodbye, here’s a joke or two, to give you a bit of a smile or a laugh¬†ūüôā

– What’s the difference between “anxiety” and “panic?”
A. “Anxiety” is when, for the first time, you can’t do it the second time.
“Panic” is when, for the second time, you can’t do it the first time ūüôā

–¬†What is stress?
Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven’t fallen asleep yet ūüôā

Until we chat again, here’s my big hug. Hang around, in a bit we’ll be back ūüėČ

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