The Sparrow!

Sometimes, it’s short time for negotiation, you need to use “Take it of Leave it” policy! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Canada, Iceland, Finland, Nigeria, and Philippines 😉

Adriana received a 75% discount from Redbox, and got a dvd for movies night, and invited our group to her place. Seven people were ready to watch a nice movie, but …

Great! She said that we would love that movie coz the heroine was Lawrence. Everything was ready: the popcorn, the juice, the salad, even some pilot meals.

Then here we go: OMG!

Sandy said: “No way, is this Jennifer Lawrence? Can’t believe she still do the nude parts? Why did she need that for?

How could that happened? A big star like this playing that weak character, may be it was her worst movie by far, not her acting though, coz she is doing the same in all her movies.

For all of us, it was a shock to see that.

1- it’s not a family movie. Why? It’s full of blood and graphic torture scenes, nudity for

both sexes, disgusting parts that needed to be edited again. No wonder that it was 2 hours.

2- The arrangement of the scenes didn’t feel right.

3- Old story, a ballet girl who was recruited by the CIA, and the rest is known.

4- The decoration was a mixture of Russian and American in a confusing way.

5- The clothing and the make-up is OK.Related image

6- The beginning of the movie probably is its best scene, where the ballet was performed.

7- Too many coincidences and plan inside a plan with no clear explanation, as if each is playing in a different movie.

The movie’s name was the “Red Sparrow” which was a nice name, but not for this movie, haha! Jennifer should have lost few pounds to appear in a ballerina’s body 😉

Rating: 2 Stars 2stars

Stay away from it, if you can’t stand the blood and the gravity of killing scenes, like many human beings.

Until we talk again, get through our new updated Alphabetical topics, you’d find all what you need from inspiration to your new ideas, with our hugs and kisses

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