Perfect day, we wish that for all of you dear morning friends and readers from the US, Kenya, India, Brazil, Argentina, China, European Union, Hng Kong SAR China, and Philippines! 😉 For you,  a perfect morning  might be having your coffee hot enough to drink enjoyably. Wow!

For others, each one would define a perfect morning according to needs, moods, and enjoyment.

Your previous post reminded Mary of new inventions so at once she gave us that new product to figure out if you like it or not.

She played the video for us and we were all impressed of how fascinating having an object floating in the air producing loud music at the same time. Of course, it’s a speaker that we’re talking about here.

Qatar AirwaysGeekBuying.comAs you see in the speaker’s picture below, its white color is amazing. May be you like other colors which is definitely available for you as well. 

Tom thought that it was such a good idea to give my son that speaker as a present for the New Year, but Christina said she didn’t like it, coz the sound was not as loud as it expected.

Between both of them, I decided to read more reviews about that product which is called ICE (not sure stands for what yet) :mrgreen:


What I found out was that some liked it while others didn’t and it was because of the same reason: its volume levels were not that high as few others such as Basu speakers.

However, which was more interesting, more people bought it for the levitating state it had as an entertainment method for younger children or so. That being said, I wouldn’t really consider it any more.

Still, it is  new product with a lot of creativity and technology elements involved. We should not underestimated coz it’s awesome 🙂

Until we talk again, stay cool, enjoy your reading for our posts, and leave your voice with our hugs and kisses ❤
kisses ❤

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