Your Front-Yard!

When you are overwrought, you won’t listen to reason. Be in control to reach your front up there! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Paraguay, and India 😉

What is going to happen when you decide to have a nice small garden in your front-yard?

If this is your backyard, you need to have something that is close in its taste in your front as well. Few people have front yards totally different from the theme in their backyard.

Image result for steps to front yard garden

The contemporary landscaping ideas lack the intensive colorful flowery appearance. Mostly, it focuses on stones, cactus or other similar solid thirst resistance plants.

Image result for steps to front yard garden

Bella said that she prefers the flowers in the front of her home. She would select any red or white flowers for it.Image result for steps to front yard garden

You might be having various ideas about the garden you like to have in your front-yard, it would be great to share that with us.


This front which is full of orange vivid flowers and yellowish green shrubs are so wonderful to be seen every morning, when you open your eyes in the morning, but it takes a lot of work. Unless you have a gardener in your pocket, or you have the time to do the gardening yourself, just wait for the right time, before starting this project.

Until we talk again, just smell the flowers and jump into our topics, and get your right subject to get your unique inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

SeaBear Smokehouse
SeaBear Smokehouse

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