Roses in Power!

Every sport is different; yours is unique and special, and you’re always the only player! 😉 Welcome back and glad that you’re here. Thanks dear friends from the US, India, Angola, and Sint Maarten 😉

As a surprise, someone said she didn’t like roses, when Gary reminded us of flowers’ talk that we started, and here’s some info about roses as a brief answer. The roses are, more than any other flower, well-known to people. Probably the reason is that they give you that feeling of warm passion, love, or being loved.

Roses have a sort of hidden power.  There’s a reason why roses are one of the most popular flowers to give to someone you love.  Giving the gift of roses has the power to brighten a person’s day,…….  In fact even as far back as Ancient Egypt, the rose was a powerful symbol of love and beauty.  

Knock out rose is the best low maintenance rose.

Image result for Honey Perfume. roses

Honey Perfume rose is the most fragrant rose.

Image result for Orchid Romance. roses


Orchid Romance rose, it is said to be the best double, which means it almost grow itself.

Related image


Bonica Rose: Best sickness-resistant as well as drought-fighter.

Related image


Zephirine Drouhin: No-thorn rose, who wants a rose with thorns anyway? Some people like it. The thorns represent a defense system that the flower has to protect

itself. They are one of your options, similar to Oranges with seeds or seedless oranges. It’s up to you.

Image result for Mother of Pearl rose

Mother of Pearl Rose- the best shrub rose. It is clear that the folds of the petals in each kind is somehow different.

Image result for Madame Isaac Pereire rose

Madame Isaac Pereire – the best antique rose. Not sure why.  Even the number of roses which is used to express certain feelings, you wouldn’t know why exactly it is claimed that it is translated as such.

For example, the one rose could mean love or admiration or purity or thank you, while the 10 roses means that you’re perfect. The 12 roses  carry the meaning of the dozen which is if in the red color, it would mean asking the other person to be yours, or to love you back. It’s a lot of interpretation, but the sources are vague.

Definitely the color has a meaning too: As Google put it. Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect, Romantic Love, Congratulations, “I Love You”, “Job Well Done”, Sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion- Red. Hard to get, honest, irresistible – Blue. Death, Farewell- Black. Gratitude – one any color. Simplicity, Gratitude. The unattainable, the impossible- Blue.SophieRoses

Flowers are amazing, that is all we know, whether roses or jasmine, they are beautiful, full of life, give you peace, and pleasure. When you watch them growing in your garden, you’d be proud that they do grow and give you that smile on your face.Qatar AirwaysShop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!Roses are like any other flowers have the power to please you.

Until we talk again, look at your flowers and smile, your post will remind you of that, with our hugs and kisses IGXO Cosmetics

. Roses.

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