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We are completely impressed and thankful for our new friends and readers from the US, Canada, South Africa, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Brazil, France, Bolivia, Netherlands, India, Australia, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Finland, Argentina, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Mexico, Mauritius, Latvia, Singapore, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland, & Austria 😉

The same goes for our current readers everywhere 😉

Have you ever heard the phrase “S/he is my high school sweetheart”? Sure you did. In many of our movies or shows you must have heard it, or may be experienced it yourself in real life.

swIn that movie, The Notebook ( 2004), two young couple loved each other, but there was social differences prevented them from seeing one another. The film stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

When the elderly man (Gosling when he became older) said: “She’s my sweetheart, she’s my home.” Oh! How sentimental that…

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