For A 1Zumba Sweetheart!

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Have you ever heard the phrase “S/he is my high school sweetheart”? Sure you did. In many of our movies or shows you must have heard it, or may be experienced it yourself in real life.

swIn that movie, The Notebook ( 2004), two young couple loved each other, but there was social differences prevented them from seeing one another. The film stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

When the elderly man (Gosling when he became older) said: “She’s my sweetheart, she’s my home.” Oh! How sentimental that was. The scene would make us consider if that could happen in reality.

But anyway, in Emeryville Gym, I saw a senior couple. I assumed they must have been school sweethearts or so, since they were acting very closely. Everything together. When in the ladies room, the guy was waiting outside the door impatiently. It felt that there was ‘love in the air’ between them.

My friend Darlene told me, when I said they must had been sweethearts for long time, “No, they were not. In fact they had a last year’s love story, and it ended up by their engagement. After eleven months of testing each other, they gave us their announcement.

Oh! That was interesting, coz the lady was over the 75s and the man was over the 60s, as she said.  “That does not happen too sn4often”, I thought. They both attended a 1Zumba class for seniors, I think it was Basic 1Zumba, n they both fell in love with each other.

“The funny thing was” , as Darlene continued her story,  “a sort of competition between two fellows over that lady”. They were both almost similar in height, one of them had dark complexion, black hair, and an agile figure, while the other one was heavier with white hair, a fair skin, and a clam smile. The whole gym watched and followed up silently their story; nobody dared to make any comments. They were playing racket ball, using the treadmill, the weights, and attending 1Zumba1Zumba classes regularly, where the lady was always few minutes late after them both.
Darlene added that, according to her experience, since she was working in the gym for the last 15 years, there was certain ways that men or women use in finding their sweethearts or partners in the gym places.

sn1Supposedly we have ‘A’ and ‘B’, any gender it doesn’t matter:

  1. When ‘A’ is interested in ‘B’, ‘A’ would seize any simple occasion to smile at ‘B’.
  2. ‘B’ would come to the gym on the exact same days and times ‘A’ is there.
  3. ‘A’ would keep a spot as close as possible from ‘B’, so she could express by facial expressions or body language her interest.
  4. ‘B’ would come up with any question to ask ‘A’ about, as an excuse to hear the voice of ‘A’.
  5. ‘A’ would try to make a short chat, even if ‘B’ did not engage in it completely the snfirst time, ‘A’ will try again several times.

When ‘A’ or ‘B’ succeeds in having a date, which might take several months, since people tend to be cautious with strangers in general, this could be a start for a real thing; as it happened with that couple.

Originally, they were not interested in the fitness class, but later on they became so interested, just for the sake of having a 1Zumba Class Sweetheart ❤

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