I’m Not Kidding 1Zumba!

Our thanks and appreciation today goes to our new friends from the US, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Algeria, Russia, Netherlands, India, Martinique, Romania, Colombia, France, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Norway, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago 😉

Our special greeting to our current and dear readers. Remember we love your comments 😮

It’s quite simple!  Music + Dance = Zumba. Close enough? This is what many persons say when I ask them about Zumba. I decided to have an experiment. I kept listening to many songs that I like, and I chose one of them to create one 1Zumba exercise.

As I was advised by many Zumba instructors, I should be familiar with the song in and out, which I did pretty well, as a first step. But in order to have 1Zumba dancing fitness exercise, I added something unique! A very special element to the equation, so it would stand out, and be something elaborately extremely idiosyncratic by itself.

I watched  the dancing fitness movements as many as I could on Youtube.com, to study movements, and to know which one is good for the different parts of the body. I focused on the back, the thighs, and the shoulders.

One more time I played my song; and let me tell you that the song is very special one. When I hear it, I am completely gone to another world. I know that not too many of you could be like me when it comes to music.

Only a number of songs though have this magical effect on me. Instantly I can move and I can dance. I don’t know about you. I can come up with many new movements, not necessarily the ones I saw before. I just move with the music, or my body more precisely does, haha!

Wow! I did it. I created a whole set of new movements which I think go with the music pretty well. Now the last step is to let one of my instructors see it, probably it can be used.  Seriously, I’m not kidding 1Zumba 😉

Thank you for joining us today, I’ll talk to you soon. Kisses ❤

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