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I have one, two, or few words to say. You might be driving your car for more than 10 years, and you still don’t know many things about it.  Am I right, Zumba?  May be you are married to someone and having kids, but you still do not know this person quite well.

Baby,  when I feel I am gonna be unfair with someone, I hold my horses, and try to revise each of the details. If I had doubts about one single fact, I would not continue my way to accuse that person. Unless I am sure 100%, I am not gonna destroy someone’s life based on doubts with no clear proof in hands.

jsThis was my advice to my sister-in-law, who had feelings that her husband had some flirting looks with a Zumba instructor, n she asked him to change the class, or the gym, which is insane. There is no proof whatsoever that my brother could have  anything like this in his mind. He cares only for his family, work, and physical fitness. Preferring a certain instructor is very normal, coz every one has a specific criteria for Zumba instruction.

She acts very jealous, and I am certain that she has only some kind of wrong irrational assumptions. She is  pretty, well-educated, smart, and is recognized professionally by many respectful bodies, why would he look for any other person? They have wonderful life with two kids. 

lvJealousy is a disaster. When you let yourself imagine things, your mind plays games on you, giving you bad notions. Instead of eating yourself up, encourage  healthy ways of living, have your kids go to Zumba with their dad, why not? Stay away from the unreasonable ideas that may pop up in your head, or listening to a crazy advice. 

Until we chat again, pay attention to your physical fitness, it really makes a difference 😉


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