You’re probably mistaken to think that there’s still enough time to do things. Guarantees are absent when it comes to time 😉 Welcome and thank you dear friends from the US, India, Italy, Laos, Russia, Vietnam, and Brazil 😉

When you combine two colors in painting a classroom, you need to be very careful, because of the mood you’d be creating for your teachers and your students as well.

Orange color is exciting and full of energy. It could be perfect for an exercise room, while green color is a color that brings you peace. You can use it at home: in your bedroom, kitchen, living room.  It’s the color that would bring you comfort and relaxation.

But how about if your classroom’s walls carried two colors: one of them is too energetic and the other is relaxing?
Well, your students/teachers will get into one of the two moods, or they will be experiencing the two moods consecutively. 

It could cause irritation for the mood, which also could bring some trouble among your students, and that is what Claire discovered in that class.


Try to mention this point of color effect for your school admin who is responsible for the walls’ colors, may be one tip from you would bring good results for your students’ mood, and for you yourself.

Until we talk again, keep engaged with our topics, send your comments and questions with our hugs and kisses

. Effects of colors.

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