You Raised’m Up!

Many of you admired that post, thank you for that. Always happy to see your comments. Updated on 6/18/2018


Strange, isn’t it? Starting to see our sun less than before, what happened? Thank you friends for seeing you today. It’s so cool to talk to readers from the US, Mexico, Ireland, Philippines, Germany 😉

When my son was a baby, and started having his first tooth coming up, you wouldn’t imagine what had happened, which I keep telling over and over again for everyone I know, because it was a phenomenon! It really blew my mind, for real!

  • Parents never stop asking themselves if they did a good job or not with their own kids. Good parents seek to improve themselves all the time, eager to feed their kids everything that would make them the best, although they are already the best in their  eyes.
  • Nobody could see your kid with more pride, except you, if you are the parent.

Image result for kids in schoolEvery rule has exceptions though; sometimes it happened that…

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