For Dogs!

Having good vibes is worthwhile; you can say with confidence it’s bankable! 😉 Now, after having my coffee, I can tell you this: Welcome back dear friends and readers from everywhere including the US, Turkey, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Canada, China, India, Kuwait, the UK, and Sri Lanka! 😉

Before having my coffee, I was saying: “What does this mean? What does it mean anymore? What is the best solution for this?  I’m waiting on my coffee, so until I get it, I think Christina should find something else to do, coz I’m not editing until I drink my coffeeeeee. :)”Foreo International

Visiting some relatives in WA, I was so much under the “You must change few of your habits” style. However, we had absolutely great time; especially when the funniest thing happened to me when I found those “things” that were moving around everywhere in the morning.

It was a number of robots going everywhere: the kitchen, the living room, the dining room. It felt awkward and surprising but enjoyable to see such a fleet of robots vacuuming the floor almost at the same time without interruption.

If you thought that we promote any of these vacuums, you’re mistaken, but these were the shortest Youtube videos that we found. Emilia said that, for some reason, she couldn’t find one  video similar to those which were in Seattle, WA.

At least now you’d have an idea about what we are talking about. Right?!
GeekstoreQatar Airways

The least to be said is that it is a genius to have such solution for animals shedding although my friend’s son is petting a small lizard which is fed on worms, but what can you say? It’s the new generation. 😆
Geekstore Christmas Jumpers

Until we chat again, be ready for more magical topics for your new year! Yay, welcome 2019, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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