New Invention!

Are there any secrets underwater?! 😉 Hello friends from the US, India, Brazil, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Bolivia, Belgium, Kenya, and Poland 😉

It’s impressive when you see robotic work is advancing and that is what our new generation of inventors, scientists, and researchers do.

The last snap we’ve watched together: my class and I was about this fantastic robot dog which was able to help another robot in opening the door. Although it looks very simple to you; however, it takes years to develop and put together a work like this.

Here’s the video to see for yourself:

Creativity and invention is a gift; may be it can be acquired under certain circumstances, but the teachers can spot it early in their classes. The teachers can encourage such talents, and lead them to the right spots.

We need more inventors, scientists and researchers. The more we have the more advanced we would be!

Your role is to come forward and ask about how to be an inventor or a scientists. The earlier you start the better for your talents. 

There is a lot of encouragement in the US for new ideas and invention, but it should be more than that. In every school, there should be some special program for students who would like to be inventors, scientists, or researchers. We should fill in the empty gaps in our communities.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a great inventor—of having a fantastically clever idea that changes society for the better and makes you rich in the process? The history of technology is, in many ways, a story of great inventors and their brilliant inventions. Think of Thomas Edison and the light bulb, Henry Ford and the mass-produced car, or, more recently, Tim Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web.  (more)

Your invention does not have to be in technology or biology, it could be in any field. Your invention will have a higher value when it solves some kind of a problem for people, and when it is affordable. A good example is solar products.

Pls send your questions and comments, we would appreciate your active participation.

Until we chat again, stay warm with our topics and pick what inspires your mood with our hugs and kisses



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