New Invention!

Signs is all around you, but you see it only when your mind is clear 😉  Welcome back and thank you for getting to our new trends and ideas. Our friends and readers from the US, Ukraine, and India, thank you for your comments and messages 😉

It was assumed that long term memory last for few years, but it was underestimated. Research recently discovered that a human being can remember things from his childhood even if s/he was 120 yrs old.

Based on that new discovery many things were reversed and used for the best interest of humans.

You are one of the human beings who are going to benefit from this discovery.

Using an innovative “NeuroGrid” technology, scientists showed that sleep boosts communication between two brain regions whose connection is critical for the formation of memories. The work, published in Science, was partially funded by the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, a project of the National Institutes of Health devoted to accelerating the development of new approaches to probing the workings of the brain.

New Invention-SophieThe new invention which we like to present today is rather related to listening to music or news or any other channels of your own choice.

In a way it can be used also for hearing aids new style or lighter style for the ears. It is simple and it is self-explanatory, as you will see in this image. 

It is composed of two parts: the first one is a ring in the ear, and the second one is a ring in the finger. The piece in the ear where you’d receives the waves of the radio, and the one in your finger for changing the channels.

May be it seems simple but it takes a lot of tech work to be produced and used. I guess everything in our lives will be going smaller and achieving far more than before, and that is what we are trying to achieve.

Until we talk again, keep digging into our rich ideas and get the inspiration that you want with our hugs and kisses



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